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Lily's Perfect Weekend in NYC:

Hi there, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Lily Cochrane and I am the founder of Onism Blog. I am a rising senior at Wofford College studying Finance and Studio Art who has no earthly idea on what the fuck I want to do with my life! I do not know much, but I know I like to travel, I like to shop, I like to write, and I like working in social media; so I decided to give this whole blog thing a try to see if it will point me to my destiny. Well, anyways, I also know I like New York City so here is my ideal weekend itinerary.

This is Tess :)

Last summer, I was lucky enough to live with one of my best friends, Tess Patton, in the Upper West Side while interning in design. With that being said, I really got to know my way around the city uncovering all of my favorite parts. Let me share them with you!


Welcome to New York, this weekend you will be staying in the UWS. Let’s get this weekend started!

First things first, let's get you a bagel. Walk one block and find yourself at Broad Nosh Bagels and Deli on West 86th and Broadway. This is the closest bagel shop to the apartment and the workers are nice! They once gave me a free bagel because they wanted to know if I would like the flavor.

After you finish your bagel, let's hop on the 1 train down to Soho. Time to shop! Every store you could imagine is here. I personally like to hit Zara, Aritzia, and the Real Real. There are also cool vintage thrift shops on Broadway and side streets.

The 1 train... I miss it for some reason

After you finish shopping, let's take a quick walk to the West Village!

Once in West Village (my favorite area) grab a coffee and a treat from Hungry Ghost Cafe! It has such a cool vibe and tasty treats. Then, I suggest walking around the West Village and really taking it all in.

Taylor's old apartment + Frozen Margs

Don’t forget to check out Taylor Swift’s old apartment and walk down Cornelia Street!

After exploring, walk over to Tio Pepe and order a to-go frozen marg in a bag from the sidewalk window.

After this, it’s time to get ready for your dinner reservation.

Tonight we have a reservation at Pastis! (Which can be difficult to get, so enjoy!)

The drive to Meat Packing District (where Brass Monkey is) is so perfect

After dinner it's time to hit the town. Tonight we will head to Brass Monkey. This place is cool, it has three floors and a rooftop. Good vibes and since you are eating dinner on the West side it's logical to stay on that side because the train ride will just be a lot simpler.


Wake up! We have a reservation at Jack’s Wife Freda Chelsea location for brunch. This place will probably be considered basic, but it is delish.

After your delicious meal, it's time to explore Chelsea. Let's play around in the market and shop.

There is an awesome huge room that has tiny vendors that sell all sorts of homemade things at the market that you must check out. I bought cool vintage posters and jewelry.

The Highline

After this, walk across the street to Little Island. It is so weird and dystopian but kind of fun haha. Take some time walking around this area and relaxing on the grass.

After Little Island, walk the Highline! It is beautiful.

Time to go home and get ready. Friday night is a big one!

Taxi time

We will start with drinks at a bar near our apartment, The Dead Poet. It’s cute and book themed.

Let's hop in a taxi after and head to dinner.


We are heading to our reservation at Freeman's. The food is divine and the atmosphere is unbeatable.

After this we will go down to a bar named Red Lion for a good time. I did in fact get my phone stolen here, so watch out haha. We will get there around 11:00 if everything works out as planned.

We will stay at Red Lion until 12:45 or so before heading to my favorite bar. Niagra. Probably going to get made fun of for this one.

We will stay at Niagara until 2:30 am and then grab pizza across the street before catching a cab home. Niagara is so perfect to me. I made friends with the owner so I got in free if there was a fee.

******Fun fact: Niagara is right next to the bar that Taylor Swift wrote the song ‘Delicate’ about. This lady owns both of these bars if I remember correctly.


I am sure you are hungover this morning. Let's get a fat bagel and take it two blocks over to Central Park. Let’s try reconnecting with mother nature after whatever happened last night.

Take some time to get some sun and touch some grass. You need it.

Once you feel better, walk across the park to the Upper East Side. Go admire the typical tourist traps, even though they aren’t that cool, and then head to the MET.

The MET has some really cool exhibits and is a nice way to escape the heat.

After this I suggest walking around the UES (there are some cool vintage shops scattered around) and then walking back to UWS. Once back through the park, you can explore Amsterdam Ave.

I love walking in and out of the shops, especially The Strand.

While you're shopping, take a break for lunch. There are so many delicious spots on Amsterdam.

This was a pop-up exhibit called "Life of a Neuron"

After lunch, walk past all of the quaint brownstones to the train and take it down to the Modern Museum of Art. I like to look up on tik tok cool new exhibits in NYC and there are always so many to choose from.

After this, head home to prepare for another late night.

We went to a few jazz clubs and this one was by far my favorite

Tonight we will head down to Tribeca to Django for a jazz show and dinner underground. This place is so cool I cannot even explain it to you.

After dinner and the show, head over to Downtime Bar to start the night. This place is really cool. The bar next to it, Eastpoint, also has a great vibe.


After this, as much as I hate this bar, you have to go to Phebe’s. I know it is extremely unpopular for me to hate this bar, but I do. It’s called the intern bar for a reason. Everyone in there is very young and kind of annoying to me. I’d rather be at Niagra where there are randos and you never leave there without a funny story.


It’s your last day in the city (we are leaving on Monday morning oops)

We are heading back to the West Village for lunch (your choice of where, I'm blanking)

After lunch, head straight to The Uncommons, a coffee bar and board game nook. This place is awesome. You can grab a coffee and a treat and then choose any board game from the millions they have. You can sit down and play with your friends for hours. Some of my favorite memories from this past summer were from The Uncommons.

Then make your way home to get ready for dinner after spending a few hours here.

For dinner, we have a reservation at Tacombi! This is a delicious restaurant with delicious margs and tacos. The atmosphere is really chill.

After this we are taking you to a speakeasy… head over to Five Guys (on the corner of Bleecker and Barrow). Walk in the front door and then all the way to the back into the kitchen. After that, turn to your left and walk up the stairs to the speakeasy. This speakeasy had such a vibe. Some girls were having a birthday party and included us in their celebration. It has an old-timey cozy atmosphere. I would have had no idea that place was up there if it weren't for TikTok lol. Their drinks were also unique and delicious.

After this it is time to head home for a good night’s rest before catching your flight tomorrow morning 🙂

Writing this was kind of painful….. Did not realize how much I missed NYC ugh! I hope someone benefits from this itinerary though!

XoXo, Lily

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sounds like a fun - and very busy- weekend!

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