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Grace Verrill's Perfect Weekend in Stockholm:

Hey everyone! My name is Grace Verrill, and I recently graduated from Wofford College, majoring in Psychology and Sociology. In the fall of 2021, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Stockholm, Sweden. Traveling, especially to Europe, was entirely up in the air, and I was unsure if I would even venture abroad. I lived in Sweden for four months through a small program, DIS Stockholm.

To me, Stockholm is a quiet and homey city that not many people know about. It is tucked away in the north, but easily accessible from other bustling European towns. I traveled a decent amount outside of Sweden but cherished my weekends in my favorite city.

Here is my most perfect and ideal weekend in Stockholm:

Friday: Breakfast is popular in the city, and everyone wants in! My friends and I would always wake up early to get a seat at the Greasy Spoon in Odenplan, a subarea of the city. Anything and everything is on the menu and features excellent coffee and fresh mimosas.

Swedes prioritize "fika," a mid-afternoon treat that includes a coffee and a pastry. Cafe Saturnus was a lovely, cozy spot for hot chocolate and Sweden’s famous cinnamon buns. My professor at DIS would take my class to Saturnus and walk through the nearby park throughout the semester. For an evening out with friends, I would suggest going to Vineriet. It is a cute, hole-in-the-wall wine bar with natural wines and small bites - I always gravitate toward a chardonnay!

Saturday: One of my favorite cafes in Stockholm was Cafe Pascale. The atmosphere was warm and cozy, especially coming in from a cold winter walk. This coffee shop is always busy; people meet for fika and business meetings. I often did schoolwork while snacking on cinnamon buns and an oat milk latte. For shopping, I suggest saving a lovely Saturday afternoon to window shop and browse Stockholm’s finest stores. Stockholm has an abundance of secondhand stores, and a popular one is Arkivet - it has many clothes, accessories, and shoes from great brands.

Stockholm is known for many designer brands like Acne Studios and Eytys - these were slightly more expensive, but it was so fun to see what they had in season. Östermalm is the most ideal area in the city to shop. After shopping and walking around, you have definitely worked up an appetite. So, of course, it is time to have a classic Swedish meatball dish - head over to Meatballs for the People. It is a cool spot to try the traditional Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes, gravy, pickles, and lingonberry jam.

Sunday: Sundays are meant for rest, relaxation, and a little fun! In Stockholm, it is popular to dip in the ocean for a cold plunge and then warm up in the sauna afterwards. Unfortunately, I did not cold plunge; however, I found a little spa offering infrared sauna sessions. This quickly became one of my go-to self-care activities on the weekends.

After an early morning sweat session, I suggest venturing to STHLM Brunch Club. This is another popular breakfast spot where the line is usually out the door - they even offer blankets and hot chocolate for customers waiting for a table. After a breakfast of eggs benedict and pancakes, head to the Gamla Stan Christmas markets. Gamla Stan translates to “Old Town” in Swedish - where the famous cobblestone streets and colorful buildings are on this little island of Stockholm.

Some quaint shops and vendors sell delicious holiday treats and homemade Christmas decorations, all encircling a beautifully lit Christmas tree. Even with the winter chill, it is so cozy to walk around, watching the cheerful people and enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of the city.

That is my ideal weekend in Stockholm, Sweden! Remember, there is so much more to do than I have described - I have just listed a few notable things!

Some other places I recommend are the ABBA Museum (you must get up on stage and sing Mamma Mia!), any of the art museums, Gröna Lund (during Halloween), and taking a ferry through Stockholm's little islands. Any coffee shop you come across will be wonderful.



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