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Ashley's Perfect Weekend in Toulouse, France!

Hi! My name is Ashley Manigault and I am a rising senior at Wofford College double majoring in Psychology and French. I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Toulouse, France in Fall of 2022. Studying abroad in France was truly a dream come true. I have been learning French since I was 12 years old and I had never traveled internationally before. My semester abroad was beautiful and I can’t wait for more opportunities to explore internationally!

Toulouse is the 3rd largest city in France and is nicknamed “la ville rose” for its beautiful and popular pink architecture. Toulouse is also a popular tourist spot for its shopping districts and beautiful museums.

My perfect weekend in Toulouse would definitely begin with a coffee and pastry at Le Cafe Cerise near Esquirol. This cafe is perfect walking distance from the Esquirol station and has very yummy and affordable options for breakfast and lunch as well as amazing coffee. My go-to order would definitely be the granola bowl or pancakes with a mochaccino. Cerise also has a beautiful view of the Garrone River.

Place du Capitole is Toulouse's shopping hub. On weekends my friends and I loved exploring the many different stores and boutiques the area had to offer. During November and December, Capitole hosts its own Christmas market with vendors from all over the Occitanie region. This market was one of my favorite memories from my weekends in Toulouse

Another enjoyable way to spend your weekend is visiting Halle de la Machine. This museum combines art with engineering and showcases many dynamic statues. There are also demonstrations and shows almost every day by the engineers regarding the different pieces.

To end the night, I would recommend Prima Lova or Escale Saveurs. Prima Lova has Italian inspired tapas and entrees and a wide selection of cocktails. They are located in the city center near a strip of other bars, making it an excellentdinner spot before a night out.

Escale Saveurs is an Afro-Caribbean tapas bar located in a lower-key area of the city near Marengo SNCF station. Although it is away from most of the night life and foot traffic, the staff is very kind and the food and drinks are unreal.

Toulouse is an enchanting and vibrant city with amazing food, nightlife, and culture. Life in Toulouse was truly “Une vie en rose” :) .

- Ashley


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