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Misc. Wishlist

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Since I am bored right now and have a shopping problem, I am attempting to use my problem to compile a list of useful things for traveling. Enjoy.

1. Patagonia 40 L Duffle bag

- This is a must. I wish I had this. When boarding planes, it can be disguised as a backpack, so you don't have to pay for carry-on luggage. Additionally, it's much easier to swing that on your back rather than carrying a rolling suitcase through buzzing cities.

2. Packing Organizers

- I wish I had these before my semester abroad. These really help you save space in your luggage and are an excellent way to keep track of how much you pack. Also, they look pretty.

3. Travel Size Reusable Bottles

- There are really critical. The majority of the time, you won't be checking your luggage, so travel-sized bottles are essential. You can find some cute aesthetic ones on Amazon.

4. Portable Charger

- I linked this portable charger I found on Amazon, but really any portable charger will work. One of these is absolutely essential when exploring outside or clubbing until 6 am. Your phone will die on you and you will be screwed.

5. Baggu Medium Cresent Bag

- I was trying to find a medium size shoulder bag to recommend to you all and this one kept coming to mind. I never left the apartment without my medium-to-smallish black shoulder bag. This purse will be perfect for daytime and nighttime. You can fit a book, a journal, brush, PORTABLE CHARGER, and more. I kind of want to buy oneeeee.

6. Baggu Reusable Grovery Totes

- I really like this brand. Shit I am probably about to buy that cresent bag. These bags will be easy to throw into your everyday backpack or purse when you go grocery shopping. You have to pay for grocery bags in Europe, so having a reusable bag with you is really helpful!

7. Polaroid camera

- This one is really random, but I brought it along with me. It was so fun bringing the Polaroid around the city and tobars. I got some of the cutest pictures while abroad using my camera. Sadly I accidentally broke mine a month or so into the semester. But you should totally purchase one, it's an excellent way to capture memories. I also loved sticking the pics I took in my journal!


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