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Roaming with apps!

In response to many requests, I'm sharing a short list of apps that I used a lot while traveling abroad. Obviously, there are so many other apps that people use. However, these are mostly specific to my time in Prague, since other countries do not have all of them. I will make this short and sweet:

  1. Kiwi! My cousin, who taught Spanish in Spain for a year, recommended this one to me. Every single flight I took was planned using Kiwi. Just like any airline website, you can put in your destinations, and it compiles a list of the cheapest and fastest routes. The app is unique in that the list includes all airlines, not just one. It may be cheaper to fly there on RyanAir and home on Wizz Air. In addition, you can keep all of your tickets on the app so they are easy to access. Other people found cheap flights using different apps/websites, so I will ask them to comment on the Instagram post with their favorite apps.

  2. Omio! My train tickets were all purchased through the Omio app. The Omio algorithm compiles options that are both cheap and fast, just like Kiwi. The Omio app is also useful if you want to find a bus ticket to a particular place. You can also cross check Omio flights with Kiwi. It is possible to see if one app offers cheaper alternatives that another one did not. Some trains require you to print out your ticket (which you can do at your school), but most of the time, they can scan it from your phone. Trains are better than planes! No customs, you can bring a carry-on bag for free, you have wifi (most of the time), and you can spread out more.

  3. Whatsapp! This is obvious, but your phone number will change if you get a SIM card, so Whatsapp allows you to still use your old phone number. The SIM card thing can be a pain, but once you go into VodaFone and figure everything out, everything is easier.

  4. Bolt! This one is exclusively for Prague! Bolt is so freaking cheap. Like I do not understand. Do not use Uber. Use Bolt!!! With this app, you can order food, rent a scooter, or get a ride. There is no difference between Bolt and Uber other than the price. Most Bolt rides cost no more than $5 around Prague. This one will save your bank account.

  5. Dame Jidlo! This one is exclusively for Prague! This app is a great alternative for Doordash or UberEats. This site allows you to order groceries and food from restaurants. This is very handy for when you are too lazy to get dressed to go to the store. It may not have all the things you need, but you can get your necessities very quickly!

  6. Apple Pay! Connect your card to ApplePay, if you haven't already. It will make life so much easier for you. I know not every place accepts cards, but many do, and it is so much quicker to just tap your phone rather than find your wallet.

  7. Google Translate App! Now I know this one is a given, but many people do not know about the photo feature of the app. You can take a picture of a label and it will translate it to English. This is extremely useful when grocery shopping or cooking because the instructions may be in another language.

The apps I mentioned above are just a few examples of apps that I found helpful while studying abroad. I have friends who probably used more or different apps than me so checkout the instagram comments because I hope they will share the apps they used with you all!


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